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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Catch up on life

I cannot believe it has been a full month since I have written. I guess life has just gotten away from me. Some Hayden updates: he is walking much faster in his walker now, still working on potty training, and his language continues to take off.  We had his parent teacher conference last week and his teachers feel just as we do that he has improved so much this year.  We are both scratching our heads about colors with him. We have tried everything to get him to learn his color. I think his orthopedic doctor may be on to something thinking he might be color blind. We go to the eye doctor next month and I am going to ask him about this concept? I want to know how we will know for sure if this is what is causing his color challenges.

I certainly have been busy the last few weeks. I just finished my first partners in policy making course. It was fabulous. I was able to connect to other special needs mom's in the state of Delaware. I even learned about some new resources that I had no idea were out there. I really look forward to the next six months of the program and I hope to gain some great information for my little man.

Yesterday, Hayden and I visited legislative hall in Dover for the joint finance committee hearings. We were there to talk about early intervention and what it has meant for our family. Hayden did so well at the hearing. He was so quiet listening to the presentations for about 45 minutes until I got up to speak. I was so proud of him. Several of the people that attended came up to me to tell me how impressed they were with him. I just smiled and thanked them. My little man rocks! Hayden had so much fun running up and down the halls there. Of course being the politician that he is he also visited some people in their office. No fear from that boy.  His favorite part of the day was running down the handicapped ramps in his walker. He asked me to do it again. I did not think I would be able to get him to leave but I told him we were going to have lunch. He told me he wanted cheeseburgers and ice cream so off to Friendly's we went. After Friendly's we went to the Creation Station.  This is a place where you can go and paint pottery. Hayden loves it there. He always asks to go visit every time we pass it which is quite often since it is located in town. He painted Mater yesterday and is really excited to pick him up on Thursday. When we were getting ready to go my sweet, sweet boy looked at me and said " Mommy I am happy". Wow, melt my heart moment. I just love him to pieces. He truly is an amazing little guy. We are so lucky to have him in our life.