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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 6th birthday Hayden

I am two days late writing this post, but the holidays and someone's special birthday kept us very busy. I would not change anything over the last few days accept for the fact that my first born is now six.  Six seems so old and I truly miss those days of cuddling. However, I am going to embrace the older version of Hayden. The older version of Hayden has accomplished a lot in his six short years. Every year I write a letter to my children and I do not want this year to be any different. This will not be a normal blog update, but a letter to my wonderful baby boy.

Dear Hayden

Wow, I cannot believe you turned six on December 31st.  I knew there would be a day you would grow up and no longer be my precious baby boy.  You are now a amazing young man!  This last year we finally found out about your diagnosis of cerebellar hypoplasia. It made all those years of tests and waiting worth it.  However, this year was not just about a diagnosis it was about a huge transition to full day inclusion kindergarten. I am not afraid to admit mommy was nervous. Mommy was not ready to send her baby boy to school full time. I was worried how you would manage a long day, how your new teachers & para would care for you, how you would maneuver in your walker all day, would your classmates accept you, and if you would have new friends.  All those fears were not warranted. You surpassed all my fears. You manage school with ease, your teachers and para's believe in your abilities, and friends you have many.  I love coming to school and seeing how much they adore you. They see you for Hayden and not your disability, which is all I ever wanted for you.  You are not treated differently and I love that! 

Now, as we celebrate your sixth birthday I look at all the big accomplishments you made from 5-6.  You are now able to talk in complete sentences. Those sentences are well thought out and legible. You utilize your walker as your first means of independence during the school day. You completed a five minute jog in gym class! This my dear son is an amazing task, not many adults are this active.  You learned how to write your HAY and den will come soon, I just know it.  Color recognition is coming along.  You are working hard at learning your site words and recognizing numbers. You love coming home practicing how to count. You competed in your first Special Olympics basketball skills competition with a peer buddy. The look of accomplishment on your face will last with me forever.  Outside of academics you are truly one amazing little boy. I love your sense of humor, you have such a kind heart, you are a hard worker, you always try your best, you love your family, especially your sister Julia. Even though you fight with her sometimes when she takes your favorite toys.  You just smile and that smile lights up the room and makes an impression on those you meet.

My sweet Hayden I hope you had an amazing birthday and that you enjoy your upcoming birthday party with your classmate from school.  I love you to the moon and back my sweet boy.