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Thursday, July 12, 2012

My baby girl turned 1!!

I know the majority of this blog centers around Hayden but I do not want to forget my littlest love Julia. I cannot believe on July 10th my baby girl turned one. What an amazing quick year it has been.  Julia definitely beats to her own drum. She chose to come into this world when she wanted too, six days late and she still has that same personality. I love her personality and what she has brought to our family. She really has completed our family.  She has helped her big brother in so many ways, probably more ways than she could ever imagine. We had a small party with family on her birthday and she loved every second. I even think she realized it was her special day. Julia even enjoyed a cupcake, her very first one, she devoured every last crumb. Now, I leave a little reminder of just how special my baby girl is.

Dear Julia

On Tuesday, I watched you become a toddler right before my eyes. My precious baby is growing up so fast.  I still remember July 10, 2011 like it was yesterday. My water broke at 5:30 in the morning and we were on our way to the hospital by 6:30 am. You were so ready to come into this world that my contractions were coming on strong, your daddy was worried we would not make it so he ran a few red lights, but we safely made it to the hospital. I tried very hard to go without pain medication but mommy could not take the pressure, luckily we had a wonderful nurse tell a little white lie to the doctor so we could get some pain relief. It was just enough to take off the edge. Within an hour you arrived, at 11:32 am a beautiful baby girl weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces was in my arms. I worried for so long how it would be possible to love two children at once , but from the moment you looked into my eyes it was pure love. I knew right at that moment you would change our lives forever. We spent some time getting to know each other until your big brother arrived. Hayden was so excited to meet baby Julia. When he attempted to hold you, my heart grew so much bigger. My two babies together forming a bond that will last a lifetime.

I have watched you develop into a curious little lady. You already think you are four with some of the things you try to do. You have done things with ease, learning to sit, feed yourself, crawl, stand and even cruise. You simply amaze me with all the little things you have accomplished your first year. What you may not realize is how you have inspired Hayden. Hayden loves you so much, and he wants to do everything with you. It includes so many things that your big brother has a tough time doing but amazingly, you have given him the confidence he needed to try things he was too afraid to do. Hayden simply adores you and for that I cannot tell you how happy that makes my heart.

I hope we will remain close and that you will always love your mommy. I know there will be times when we do not get along but I will always love you. Love you for who you are, love you for all that you have accomplished, love you for providing your brother with inspiration, and love you for completing our family. Happy first birthday baby girl. I cannot wait to enjoy more birthdays with you.