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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Three weeks post discharge update

Amazing how quickly time goes by, here we are three weeks post discharge from AI Dupont Hospital for Julia.  We have spent these last three weeks attending physical therapy, occupational therapy, doctor appointments, and having an EEG completed for Julia. Just like her brother she has done amazing. She really did not love the EEG at first,  but I can understand not wanting electrodes and flashing lights on you. Our neurologist called to tell us good news that Julia's EEG is normal, she does not show signs of seizure activity. We are very thankful for these results and we now know we can travel safely on our family vacation to Disney!  If there is anything this family needs is a vacation from the day to day of our normal lives to have fun. I truly think Julia and Hayden will have the best time and I cannot wait to have a week without therapy and doctors appointments.

I know I have written a lot about how difficult it is to balance the various needs of my two children. However, this week at one of our visits to AI on Monday reminded me just when I think we have a difficult road it could always be worse. When Julia, Hayden and I were leaving the hospital Monday we were waiting for valet to return my car. I noticed a couple smiling at my children. I had my huge double stroller, which by the way I will be purchasing my new amazing stroller in the new year. Any way they saw Hayden first and of course Hayden decides to say hello. Hayden loves to talk to everyone and show them his toys he brought for his adventure. The couple asked if there was another child in the stroller I turned and showed them the full stroller so they could see Julia. Again, they smiled  at my two babies.  I realized with the hospital badges they had they were staying at the hospital with their child. I found out from my few minutes of conversation that they had a five month old little boy who had just went in for major surgery. The surgery was going to take a minimum of three hours and that their stay was going to be awhile. I also know they traveled from New Jersey to our hospital in Delaware. I know my story was different, but I wanted to reassure this couple they were in good hands and that the doctors and nurses at this hospital are amazing. I told them about our recent adventure with Julia and about my oldest love Hayden. I wanted to share with them that I understood their sadness and worry despite our roads being very different. It was then I realized ,as my car arrived and I was putting Julia in her car seat that the shuttle arrived for the couple. They walked by and told me thank you and just smiled at my children. I wished them luck and let them know I would be thinking about their son. I know I have had a rough patch from time to time but my children made this couple smile. My children who are undergoing therapy, tests and doctors visits brought joy to a family we just met.  I think of that couple every day and wonder how their son is doing. I hope to see them in our future visits and I hope they have found comfort in just how wonderful this hospital in Delaware is.

I continue to be amazed by Julia and Hayden's strength. I am so proud of how hard they work and their ability to persevere. So, today my post is centered around thanks.

Today I am thankful for:

1. Julia regaining all of her skills
2. Julia learning how to get in and out of a seat unassisted
3. Julia saying mama with a smile
4. Julia having a clean bill of health from a major medical complication
5. Hayden bringing joy into strangers lives
6. Hayden choosing to be independent every day little by little
7. Hayden for playing soccer
8. For both of my children strengths and happiness
9. For my husband's support and love
10. For all the new, old, and future people to enter my life
11. For the continued support and love from family and friends
12. For being able to kiss and hold my children

Thank you for reading and I hope to bring more exciting news from my children.


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