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Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy 2nd birthday Julia

Dear Julia

My little love bug I cannot believe another year has flown by. Wow, you are already two. Your second year started off pretty scary. We were so fearful of how your little body was going to recover from such a scary infection. However, you have proved us wrong and you showed me how to believe miracles happen. Every day you fight. You fight to get stronger and fight for your sassy little independence. I love how strong willed you can be. 

Amazing what a year could show us. You love life and love our little family. I am often surprised at all the little things you love. You love pink. Everything must be pink from your toe nails, clothes, and shoes. If it sparkles you love it! Purses, shoes and sunglasses are pure joy. I love the way you balance being extremely girly but enjoy playing cars with Hayden. I love the way your smile lights up the room. The way you say daddy melts my heart. I love the little barking sounds you make when you see your doggies Cody and Sophia. Our snuggles I do not ever want to let go. 

Baby girl you are so independent and so brave. You are definitely no one other than Julia. I hope you always stay independent and love able. I hope you continue to see the beauty in the simple things in life. I hope you stay sassy and decorate the world in pink. I hope you still love to paint and play with your brother every day. 

I hope you know how much I love you. How much I wish I could take away how tough this year has been. I want you to always remember how proud I am of you. I cannot wait to share many more toe nail, shoe shopping, pink and glittery days with you. Words cannot express how much I love you. You are my sunshine. 

I love you!!

Happy 2nd birthday my sweet Julia! I love you!!


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