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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Exciting Morning

Today started out as I would deem a typical morning in our household. Julia, Bob and I are awake and Hayden is still sleeping. It is 9:30 am and we wait on Hayden to get up.  He is such a great sleeper. Always has been. We are blessed in this category.  Now, his sister on the other hand is my early riser, my girl who is afraid to miss something, my girl who at 5 months today!! still does not sleep through the night. Sigh :(  I was on the computer checking out my item selling on eBay. Super excited about that because it was my first time and I have a bidding war.  I also was downloading our professional photo's for JcPenney's to my computer when I hear my sweet boy calling. Mommy come get me.

I went upstairs to get my exceptional little man we start to get dressed and I saw the sign of going number 2. I am sure years down the road he is going to hate I am sharing this story with the world but that is what mommy's do right?  So, I told him let's go sit on the potty and go poopy as we call it in our house. We left Julia in the swing downstairs.  Bob and I sat with our sweet man until it happened. That is right we pooped on the potty. This was amazing we have been trying this forever it seems.  He finally did it. So, we promised him after he ate his pancakes for breakfast we could go to the playground. Pure excitement beamed from my little man's face.  After he quickly ate those pancakes we spent about an hour at the playground. Luckily, my neighborhood has a playground set that Hayden can use despite his disability.  He loves crawling back and forth on the ramps and going down the slide.  This is a place he can feel free and play like everyone else. Now, we are home. I am blogging, Hayden just had lunch, and is now watching the Fresh Beat Band. Life is good!

I told him I am going to make a potty chart. Once we fill it with stickers he gets to do something special or pick something special. Let's hope he doesn't ask to go to Mickey Mouses house or Elmo's house. He loves them and wants to go back to see Elmo all the time.  I also want to take him to see Mickey soon. Maybe in 2012 or 2013 we shall see what the future holds for our visit to Florida.

Now, if we could only get that specialized potty chair in we ordered. I hate that as a special needs mama it takes forever to get things for your child. It took us forever to get his walker and now his potty chair. We have been waiting a month.  He is able to use the regular potty but it is just so much harder for him. Unlike us he has to focus on holding himself up and then going to the potty. We can't wait to get the potty chair to relieve some of his struggles. Life will be so much easier.  Stay tuned for some more exciting potty blogging post. I hope to have many more to share!!

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