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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pure Bliss

Much of this blog will be about my sweet exceptional little man Hayden but I needed to celebrate some things for my baby girl. It has been a pretty exciting few days for Julia. Despite my disappointment in her first words choice my little girl is saying dada. I often wonder why that is easier than mama but it has been for both my children. It is amazing how even hearing dada sounds cute. I think us mamas just wish they would call us first but I still know she loves me, so I guess using the word disappointed isn't exactly true.  We also discovered our feet and a big surprise for me last night was sleeping 5 hours straight. Woo hoo!! Oh, how I missed sleep. I thought she would be a great sleeper like Hayden but she has given me a little bit of a challenge in that department. Here is to hoping we continue on this accomplishment.

Yesterday, may also go down in the books as a moment I would like to cherish with my little man.  It was my husbands birthday yesterday. Hayden was so excited it was daddy's birthday. He went to school and told his favorite para that he was going to bake a cake for daddy. I picked him up from preschool and sure enough he still remembered we were going to bake a cake for his daddy. I love the time I have with my man alone. We don't get that too often being a family of 4.  So, I took my lunch break from work and we made a birthday card for my husband and painted pictures. The smile on Hayden's face was priceless! Then we had the real fun we started making his cake. Hayden helped me mix the cake mix and pour it into the cake pans. I have not seen him this excited besides maybe looking as Christmas lights. He loves Christmas lights.  Once the cake was finished he even helped frost the cake. Now, I am no baker but I think we did an excellent first time job.  If I can figure out how to load a photo to this post I will post a picture of our finished product.  I think what made this one of the best days is just how happy Hayden was doing this. He sat on the kitchen island holding his happy birthday card for his daddy and yelled Happy Birthday Daddy as my husband walked through the door. I don't think it gets any better than that. Right?

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