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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas xoxo

The holidays often bring on a time of gratitude. I know it is not Thanksgiving but I am just so thankful that my family is complete. My family of four.  I started out a few days before Christmas with one sick little boy. Hayden ended up getting Croup and Strep throat. What a double whammy right before the holidays. Luckily, I was able to get him into the doctors and on medicine right away.  I have been preparing for Christmas since Veteran's day. I thought wow all my shopping is complete I can put off wrapping presents.  So, I did I wrapped presents and baked cookies all on Christmas Eve.

Hayden was so excited this year. This is the year he finally gets it. Last year he loved presents but really didn't get Santa or the meaning of Christmas. This year we baked cookies for Santa and left him some milk. He was so excited to leave Santa a cookie and milk.  He also went to bed with no issues I think he knew something big was happening in the morning.  He woke up Christmas morning at 8:30 am which is early for my boy. My little man likes his sleep. I carried him downstairs and what joy exuded from his face. He could not believe all the wonderful gifts Santa brought him. He carefully opened all his presents one by one. He even left the two big gifts until the very end. I have not downloaded any pictures just yet from Christmas to post but I will sure to do that soon.  His favorite gifts by far were the leap pad, lightning McQueen race car and art easel. Of course the mom-therapist in me really loves the idea of the art easel. It can help him with standing independent.

I tried hard not to think about the worry I still have for my little man. I kept looking at my boy and my sweet baby girl and thinking things are still going to be okay. We have a wonderful family and Hayden is still doing really well.  I spent all day just smiling at how happy Hayden was.  Later that night my mind wandered about his heart. I do not know why but I guess I am still very worried what the enlarged left ventricle means to us. I Dr. Googled again and of course all bad things came up. I then gently reminded myself it is Christmas enjoy it. Hayden is almost 4 and has not experienced any complications thus far so it can't be that bad right? Ahh mother's worry is never done.  Well, I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas I know Hayden did!

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