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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Therapy, therapy and more therapy

I have been struggling this week about Hayden's crazy schedule. I should be use to it right? I mean it has been almost 4 years that our lives revolve around doctors's appointments, evaluations, tests, and therapy. Why has this week made me feel a sense of being overwhelmed? Maybe it really is not this week but all of the time adding up to this week that has brought me to this moment. To put it into perspective Hayden goes to preschool and he receives all of his therapy there. He also participates in horseback riding and an additional physical therapy session weekly at AI Dupont Children's hospital.  I love his therapist and it is nothing about his therapist but I am thinking of reducing his therapy from once a week to once every other week. However, I struggle with this decision because I worry that his doctor's may frown on us for not keeping our crazy schedule up. I worry this may harm his progress.  Then I think he is so active in school, walking to the gym and playground, cruising around the classroom, and climbing in and out of his stroller at school.  He comes home and he is non stop using his muscles.  Yes, we are working on teaching him walking independent/dependent with equipment. Yes, we are trying to figure out new AFO's.  Why is this decision so difficult?

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  1. It is so hard. We too struggle with balancing therapy with balancing life, and letting Sammie B HAVE a life outside of therapy. . . Sam's preschool program is only 2 hours 20 min/4 days a week, so I knew we HAD to keep up private therapies, but I dropped some so that she has some free time.

    Here's a blog that really resonated with me when I was making the decision to simplify Sam's schedule: