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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baseball was a success

I am happy to report we were able to participate in our very first baseball practice on Sunday. Thank you weather for holding out for my little man to play.  Hayden was all decked out in his Phillies gear since that is his team name. We have not officially gotten our team uniforms so what better way to get ready for baseball other than supporting our favorite MLB team.

We arrived at the baseball field and Hayden was so excited to be at the fields. He took off running in his walker   because he could not wait to play baseball. My husband is a buddy this year since it is Hayden's first year. We were nervous as to what to expect so we did not want to send him in unprotected.  We were greeted by our coaches Lisa and John. They are so great and Hayden really liked them.  Coach John started playing catch with Hayden and to their surprise Hayden has a good arm. Thank you to all the physical therapy Hayden receives he is able to throw a good 3ft +.  Words cannot even describe the pure happiness I felt for my son. Hayden was proud, he was happy, and most of all he was a normal four year old boy playing baseball. I do not think there is anything better than being able to watch your son play baseball.  I am in awe of my little man and cannot wait for our baseball season to begin.

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