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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Four days and three nights update on Julia

Here we are on our fourth day at AI DuPont Children's hospital. Julia had another great night. We were only woken up a few times last night I think the nurses are starting to feel bad. Last night we were up pretty late since we took a late afternoon nap. Julia decided her idea of partying was playing in her jail and watching Elmo at 10:30 last night was completely acceptable.

I am starting to get use to this place. Seeing familiar faces and listening to familiar noises. I have even spoken to a few parents that have been on their tour longer. It saddens me that so many children are subjected to hospital stays. However, I feel extremely blessed we have a great hospital here in Delaware.

Today, started out like every other day our first rounds started at 7:40. Julia was not digging the interruption nor was I to be quite honest. After we woke up we had breakfast and played with some toys. Shortly after came in the infectious disease doctors and pediatrician. Julia likes this group she was even giving them the Julia stick out her tongue look. This is how you know Julia likes you. We got confirmation that bacterial mengitis has definitely been ruled out. This means we are off solitary confinement. Woo hoo we can have visitors and we might be able to walk outside. We are thrilled and I know Julia is eager for the yellow masks and suits to go away.

We also had some new visitors today A physical therapist stopped by. Julia decided she did not want to play and clearly displayed her fancy attitude. That is my strong willed girl. Next, our friends Shawn and Natalie stopped by. Thank goodness for guests. It is hard not to go stir crazy here. It was great to have company and Julia loved seeing Natalie. I can't say thank you enough for the food and toys. Julia is now sleeping as I write this new post. I am eagerly waiting to see my baby boy and my husband who are coming up soon. I miss our family.

We are staying another day which is tough. I just want to be home but I know this is where we need to be. Julia is being testing for Lyme disease and we are waiting for these results we also are waiting on other tests but there are too many to list. My sweet girl is going to need a few months of therapy to regain her strength and skills. I don't know how I am going to handle another baby going through early intervention. I know these are for different reasons but it still is hard. Luckily, we are armed with knowledge from Hayden that allows us to get the best therapist to treat her. So we wait and hopefully tomorrow we are ending our stay-cation at AI. Thanks again for all the love.


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