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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lifes little lessons

Amazing how life can take you in so many directions. This week has definitely been a direct reflection of how life is simply amazing but challenging at the same time. I have had a pretty emotional week. My week was just spiraling down a path that was destin for disaster. It was filled with worry, sadness, self pity, and stress. I also cannot forget to mention sickness. This time it was not the kids it was me, yup got hit with bronchitis.  Bronchitis has fully won this battle but I am slowly regaining my energy and hopeful that in a few more days I will begin to feel "normal" again. Whatever normal is, right? Since I am a self proclaimed social media junkie I was able to see some happy things happing in the world. People getting married, people going on fabulous destination vacations, people running marathons, people enjoying every day life, people announcing engagements or pregnancies,  and new lives being brought into this world. The new lives being brought into this world reminded me about all the amazing life memories.

Tonight, I reflect on some wonderful memories that are happening in my home. Memories that melt my heart, memories that make me proud, memories that show me love, and memories to last a life time.  My baby girl turned 13 months old on August 10th.  I know I should stop counting in months but it is so hard when she is your little baby.  Julia is such a strong little girl, determined in everything she tries, curious about the world we live in, in love with her big brother and daddy, and most of all my little sweetness. No one can take away our mommy daughter snuggles and that bond that was formed the moment she was conceived.  Julia is my amazing little lady and full of smiles.  She also has to endure some of my fears. Fears of not meeting milestones, fears of germs, and fears of not being everything she needs.  However, my sweet sweet Julia in every way is helping me put my fears aside. She reminds me about the small little joys in life.  Yesterday, on her 13 month birthday my little lady decided to start cruising. It is slow and steady just like everything she tends to master. She was so proud and you could see the spark in her eye. The new found ways to explore her new world. After all there is a lot to see still. 

Hayden who is my strong strong little man. He continues to amaze me every day with his fight and determination. He has gotten so much stronger lately. He really is determined to try to ditch his walker from time to time.  We have been visiting Easter Seals on Friday's for therapy and Hayden wants to walk every Friday. Hayden does not want to walk with his walker he wants to walk by himself and he forcefully will tell his therapist that he is not using his walker. For the past few weeks we have been walking holding the hand rail and my hand. How I love walking holding hands with my son. It is an amazing feeling his little hand inside of mine. He works so hard to walk down the hall at Easter Seals. However, he does it and what more can you ask for. He is my angel.

Today, I also got to sit and really watch the bond that has developed between Hayden and Julia. They love each other unconditionally. The look forward to seeing each other every day. Sure they fight over Julia stealing Hayden's Mater or Lightning McQueen but they would not be siblings if they did not fight. However, what I love the most is watching them interacting. Hayden makes Julia smile and belly laugh better than anyone. Bob does an excellent job of this with our children, he is always a good dad bringing the calm and laughter to our home. Bob has some competition in Hayden because the laugh is endless her big brother is just the funniest person to Julia.  He shows Julia how to climb on things she shouldn't. He has her climb over basket ball nets like they are obstacles courses, standing at their kitchen and cooking me a meal, emptying all 245 cars that Hayden has aquired out in the playroom, eating chalk, wrestling our yellow lab Cody, and throwing balls to name a few things. These very moments melt my heart. These very moments remind me as much of a blessing Julia was to Bob and I she truly is the world to Hayden. Hayden will always have his sister, he will have a life long friend, and he will have a bond that is stronger than the bond we provide as his parents.

Life can be challenging and some times it overwhelms me, but these special moments remind me this is what life is about. Life is about making memories and most of all life is about love. Love for your family, love for your friends, love for the people who are in your life for a brief moment, love for the people who just walked into your life, and love for people you have not met just yet. Simply put life is truly a blessing and amazing.

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