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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Simply Perfect

After writing an emotional post yesterday and really reflecting on my journey this week our weekend ended perfectly.  Bob and I took the kids to the outside pool at the Y today. This may seem like an ordinary venture for many people. However, an ordinary venture turned into a simply amazing day.  The weather was beautiful, the pool was not crowded and the kids were perfect.

I love the kids pool at our local Y it allows Julia and Hayden the opportunity to explore independently. Our baby girl is such a dare devil. She really has no fear and did not mind trying to venture away from Bob and I today. However, she is one and despite her thinking she is at least five we had to stop her in her tracks on several occasions. Then there is my sweet sweet Hayden. Hayden loves the pool, he loves to splash, and swim. He loves watching other kids swim and especially watch his daddy go in the deep end where he does not explore. However, today was perfect. I probably will over use this word but really perfect describes today.

The pool provides Hayden with a sense of independence. He does not have gravity fighting against him in the water. My little amazing boy was standing in the water. Standing with ease and standing with confidence. Does it get any better than that? As a mother who has longed to see her first born child stand alone days like this make my heart full. The pride exuded from Hayden's face will forever be ingrained in my mind. Now, if standing was not magical surely Hayden letting go and swimming in the way Hayden knows how to swim is the moment you say yes be free. Free to explore, free of the gravity, free of struggle and free to beam with confidence that my little boy did something amazing today.

I sat for awhile with a permanent smile on my face. Watching my son playing with his daddy. Watching my son splash with his baby sister. Watching my son swim, how cool is that? I really did not want our swim day to end but hungry babies and a growing awareness that Julia needed to nap became evident. We left the Y today and it was perfect.

Hayden my sweet perfect boy I hope we have many more perfect days. I love you and you simply amaze your mommy every single day. You are my inspiration.

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