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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cardiology update

Hayden had his 6 month follow up at the cardiologist on Friday. Thursday night I barely slept the worry and anxiety got the best of me. We dropped our baby girl off to daycare so we could spend the appointment focusing on Hayden.  His appointment was at 11:50 and we arrived around 11:40.  Despite hating having a million specialist the cardiology department at AI Dupont Children's hospital is wonderful. Our appointments always run on time and everyone is so friendly.

We were taken back on time and the normal vitals were checked. Of course, I thought bringing along daddy would make things easier, but Hayden still was terrified of getting his blood pressure checked. I really do not know where the fear has come from other than the last round of blood work for genetics. I feel like that ruined him with his blood pressure checks. I really hope we can overcome this fear.  Luckily, the same wonderful tech that performed Hayden's EKG was there on Friday. She came in and applied Hayden's "stickers" and sang some silly songs while we were getting the EKG.  He did really well, the only odd thing that happened is after his EKG Hayden's clonus really was acting up. I have never seen it flutter so much in a resting position. Something to ask the neurologist in May. Next, we went back for our echo cardiogram. Hayden does really well for this test. It might be because he got to watch his favorite movie Cars.

We were taken to the waiting room and brought back immediately to see the cardiologist. My stomach was in knots. He took some brief updated family history and looked at us and says Hayden's heart has changed. My heart dropped. I knew we did not want to hear his heart changed, I thought I remembered him telling me we wanted it to remain the same. Bad bad thoughts entered my head but I took a deep breath and finally got out. What does that mean? Well, it was good news!! Hooray for good news. Basically Hayden grew into his heart, his heart is now a size of a typical 4 year old boy. I was so relieved.

As much as I really loved the cardiology department I am happy to get rid of one specialist. Finally, a big win for my sweet exceptional little boy. Finally, I can knock off the worry of his heart. Finally, I can breath a sigh of relief that his heart is okay.

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