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Monday, March 19, 2012

stomach virus for charity ugh.....

Hayden has finally recovered from the stomach virus. Unfortunately, he got sick over this past weekend during our charity volleyball event.  The poor guy was sick for a full week and we are struggling to regain his energy.  Today, was the first day he returned to school. Of course being the first day back I got a phone call from the nurse that Hayden fell. My heart sank, I thought great he is back to school and already injured. Luckily, it was a minor bump and rug burn on this forehead. The little man was so excited to be back playing he was going to fast for his own good crawling.

His paras commented on how he is not as strong this week. I think it will take him awhile to regain his energy. We even had to start him on zantac for reflux. Apparently, this virus caused his stomach to spasm and cause reflux again. So, now we take 2ml 2x a day. I even gave him a pillow to sleep with at night and that has helped so far. Fingers crossed we do not have anymore vomiting episodes. That was the worst the poor guy was so helpless and I felt terrible for him.

Now, that we are back  in the swing of our daily routine potty training is still a focus. School finally got his potty seat. Yay for small miracles. It has only taken a few months, like everything. I struggle now on how often I should ask them to sit him on the potty. He is not going to be able to just sit for a minute and go. It takes us a good 15 minutes at home before he will go.  Is this realistic for school? Oh, I wish I could find some advice on how to incorporate this into his IEP or accommodations for him. If anyone is reading and has words of wisdom please let me know!


  1. I'm a loss on the potty training thing and I'm looking for you to be the trail blazer here! ;o) My thought is that you don't want him missing all of the school day by sitting on the potty for such long chunks, but . . . I don't know! Is he at the point where he will tell you if he has to go, or are you just putting him on on a timer like basis at home? (We need to get started on potty training . . . right now, we have Sammie sit there once a day just to "expose" her to it, and occassionally she goes, but she doesn't show any great desire to be potty trained, and I haven't pushed!)

  2. Well, we have been in school for three days with no successful attempts at the potty. Hayden has assertively told me when I asked him about going potty at school that he does not want to potty at school Ugh, I am at a loss as to what to do ;(