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Monday, March 5, 2012

Organizing a charity walk/run in honor of Hayden

I know most of these posts are suppose to be about Hayden but I figured any posts would be acceptable right? After all almost everything I do centers around my children.  I have written before about our fundraising efforts for Hayden to support Easter Seals. I also mentioned that I started a program called Partner's in Policy making. I completed my first session last month and met some pretty amazing people. The program has really giving me a ton of inspiration more than I thought I ever had. Well, it has been a dream of mine to organize a 5k charity walk/run. I started thinking a lot about this in the last few weeks and decided it was time to research.

I have seen so many amazing mom's organize non profit organization because of their children. I thought I want to be an amazing mom. Maybe one day I can organize a non profit but for now I am going to start my goal small. I decided I want to organize a 5k charity walk/run in my son's honor. I even have a name picked out Hayden's first annual walk/run for children with disabilities. Catchy right? I sent a few emails to some folks asking for a contact to bounce my idea off of. I have a timeline set up of what needs to happen and when but I am stuck on a few things. I have an idea for location but I need to figure out what my first steps are. I need to figure out where to get liability insurance. I also need to figure out how to fund this whole idea. After all it is my idea and every good idea needs money or support. How hard could this be? Am I kidding myself? Can I really make this happen. I even thought Hayden would kick off the start of the race running in his walker. How great would that be? Hayden is so into running right now that he would just love the idea of running in his walker. I would love to make this happen. So, if anyone is reading this and can offer me any advice please do. I am determined to try to make this happen.

My goal would be for this money to support individuals with disabilities living in Delaware. We know the economy is tough, we know money is tight for our state budget, we know that sometimes individuals with disabilities needs a voice. I would love to try to be a small voice.

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