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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fundraising and such

I have spoken to a few great people over the last few days about my 5k. I am getting really hopeful that I might make this happen. I just sent off an email to a race management company. Here is hoping that the expense will not allow me to make this dream into a reality. I want to be Hayden's legs, I want to be an inspirational mama, I want to put my effort towards a great cause, and I badly want to make this happen.

Graciously, I have some amazing friends and family who want to help. I cannot wait to start planning this event for October. I definitely will keep everyone posted on my progress.

On to other fundraising news, we are heading into our big volleyball event for Easter Seals this weekend. Hayden's volleyball team has raised $1,277! I am proud to say we hit this accomplishment. I was hoping for $1,600 but what we have achieved is a great goal. Hayden is gearing up and is very excited to wear his new tie dyed volleyball shirt. He picked out the shirts this year. How could you say no to his sweet little face. This will be Miss Julia's first event. She will be decked out in a pink tshirt wearing Hayden's team logo. Sweet right? I definitely will be observing because I definitely do not want to repeat tearing an ACL again for charity.

Other big news we head to the cardiologist Friday. Please keep us in your thoughts. Hopefully, we will hear things are okay, my worry is over. I will provide an update as soon as I can.

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