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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hayden is playing baseball!!!

Big news in our household Hayden is playing baseball. In our town they have a disability league that plays with the regular league during baseball season. We just got our confirmation email that Hayden will be playing on the Phillies. This is so appropriate for my little man because he loves the Philadelphia Phillies. I will not break his heart to tell him it is not the real Phillies. He is only 4, he will not understand the difference. We have our first practice this Sunday and then opening ceremonies will kick off on April 21st. I hope he loves it. We have been practicing hitting the baseball off the tee in his walker. He is really good at it. Now, it does not go far but I am impressed that he can at least hit the ball off the tee. I know he is going to love running in his walker to base. He is really into running lately.

Fingers crossed this will be an enjoyable injury free sport.  I know we are on a disability league but I love the feeling of normalcy for my little man.

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